Monday, 22 February 2010

What I am missing in London

London Fashion Week. And seeing these shorts on the catwalk, which look surprisingly similar to my walking shorts. Only mine are green and a little longer. And I tend not to wear them with a cropped leather bustier. Doesn't go down so well in the countryside.

Photo via Oh Elle, my friend and colleague from Shikasuki. Which I am also missing like crazy too.

Things to do on a Saturday afternoon on Exmoor

Exmoor snow 4

Exmoor snow 3

Exmoor snow 2

Exmoor snow 1

. get in car. take camera.
.look for ponies.
.wear Rayburns and red lipstick.
.sunbathe in a sheltered garden.
.pretend you are on honeymoon and that London Fashion Week exists no longer.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Swappity swap

Just how fab is this map that Jamie made for our valentine's swap, to track all our packages worldwide. I have been having great fun reading everyone's stories and tracking their parcel movements on the map.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Frozen Toes

My sister left today for 6 weeks in the Artic, living on Svalbard which, to my understanding, is bloody cold and inhabited by polar bars.

She is writing about her adventure at Frozen Toes, if you are interested.


Back tomorrow with photos of goat babies as the goats of the other week have had goat babies.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

guest room 2

guest room 3

Guest room 4

This weekend a friend from London is coming to stay. I am so excited - she will be our first guest in our new guest room in our new cottage. This is what her room looks like (complete with rubbish new novel for a tired bunny straight off a train).

I hope she has a good weekend. And I hope you lovelies do too. Enjoy valentine's day. I did the best I could for M on limited shops. It involved love hearts and a Liverpool mug. This is what he got me (but more tote shaped and from a coffee sack and with beautiful black and pink archive print Liberty lining). He knows me well: recycled, Liberty and a bag.

I hope my blog swap present made it across the Atlantic. In my haste to get it in the post I forgot to take photos. Maybe the recipient will oblige when it finally arrives...

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

In which I retire at 9.30pm

Beach 1

What's this? Two posts in two days? I must be getting used to things down here in my little corner of Somerset. It has been bitterly cold all week. On Sunday we went for a walk. I walked, Husband played golf. This was the view from the 13th. So windswept, so bleak and so beautiful.

Husband is back in London, like he is every week, and I am enjoying our weekends a deux. Seeing as we don't know anyone down here, from Friday night to Monday morning the only people we talk to are each other. It's only been two weeks but we are falling into a routine of exploring, both the walking version, the driving version and the food version. Each time we go somewhere we try a different place. Last Sunday we drank ginger wine by an open fire in a 15th century hotel in a medieval village. The week before we ate supper amongst antiques and curiosities in a hotel on the harbourside.

As of tonight, I am trying to separate out my postings: Somerset type things will mainly be posted at Somerset Bound which I am also trying to use as somewhat of an online guide to the area. I will continue to post wedding, general pretties, inspiration and photographs here. All these new changes are taking some getting used to, and I haven't quite got my routines figured out yet. The old Peacockfeather would have never gone to bed at 9.30pm, but then she would never have had to leave home at 6.15am to drive 30 miles to a breakfast either...

.image by me.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Hello Lovelies... goats and ponies for you

Winter on Exmoor

I am still here. Well, not there any more. Three weeks ago we moved to Somerset, which is why things have gone a little quiet. I said that things were a changing, and I was right. We live in a cottage with a wood burning stove and it's own river on the outskirts of a village of 1,000 people. Oh, and I drive for 15 minutes across the countryside to a full time job. This time last month we were one of 6 million Londoners living in a georgian townhouse flat in Islington and I worked freelance.

Yes, things are a little different. I am also exhausted. So proper posts to follow later in the week. I leave you for now with some of our new neighbouring wildlife (and scenic views) which we encountered last weekend.

goats 2

goats 1

ponies 2

.all images by me