Tuesday, 25 January 2011

One Half Of Them

My goodness. Where has January gone? Between work, preparing for my upcoming dance show in February and feeling like utter crap for much of the time with hormonal/endometriosis the month has just raced past.
But enough of that. My sister got engaged. And started blogging. You can find her over at One Half Of Us writing about her engagement and upcoming wedding. I sent her a list of all my favourite blogs and it has been so odd having her e-mail me things like "Cara and Nye's babies are just so adorable" and "I think I might enquire about that ... that I read on A Practical Wedding". She has been a long time reader of this blog (and did the guest post introducing our wedding when we were away on our honeymoon) so I assume she is used to reading what I have to say. I have to say though, it was strange to read her first posts - it is almost like getting to know her as a whole other adult person.A is just shy of 3 years younger than me and I remember the day that she was brought home. I remember being slightly confused by her but very pleased; A 'gave' me a doll which I called after her. That might have had something to do with how pleased I was.

2 years after A our baby sister came along. One day I might write about her too. But, for now, in honour of A's upcoming nuptials here are some of the photos that she scanned for my wedding collage. The bottom one is one of my favourite ever photographs. I still can't believe that we were small enough to both fit on one rocking chair.

Top photos borrowed from One Half Of Us. Bottom photos from our family collection.

Monday, 3 January 2011

11 for 2011

waste less food
install and use a compost bin
finally finish de-cluttering
only beautiful things
see our friends (in London) at least once a month
go skiing
go to Noma
eat lunch at the Ledbury together
stop buying bread and take-away lunches
go to more gigs - locate local music scene
read, finish and discuss at least one "proper" book every month

Photo taken on our first walk of 2011 part way through our 3 day party weekend along with 8 of our bestest friends who came to Somerset to celebrate with us. More on that to come. 

11 in 2011 are what we would like to do in 2011 together. 
What are yours?