Being Good

My 'year of being good', inspired by Judith O'Reilly's A Year of Doing Good.

No particular rules, other than I am only listing things I have gone out of my way to do. I am sure I won't manage something every day (and indeed, this week we have been ill for 5 out of the 7 days, so have barely left the house). I am just trying to give back more than I usually do...

My version of 'gone out of my way to do' is subjective, clearly. Quite a few things on this list are things that a friend argues are just what you do, not a good day especially.

26 Jan. attended charity yoga class in aid of McMillan
25 Jan. offered to babysit (not needed at last minute)
24 Jan. packed up parcel of maternity clothes and sent it to a friend, plus a card
23 Jan. bought a Big Issue and chatted to the seller; put money in a collection tin; chatted to the old ladies at the church after the mums group that I go to.
22 Jan. gave an older mother/grandmother directions to JoJoMamanBebe and smiled at her even though she told me cheerfully "you look like the kind of person who would know where it was"...
(strange all these direction requests - none in months then 3 in 3 days)
21 Jan. gave a motorist directions and stayed calm when he kept telling me that I was wrong and that there was a quicker way.
20 Jan. gave a pair of model enthusiasts directions and then asked them how the exhibition was
14 Jan. supported a friend's new business
10 Jan. bought a friend a maternity top from the charity shop
8 Jan. sent my aunt a postcard
7 Jan. returned an old lady's phone that I found in a cafe

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