Saturday, 7 July 2012

We spent our honeymoon in this yurt. Later this summer, we return to the same farm, different yurt. One a little closer to the farmhouse, closer to the bathroom and with electricity. Still wild, still beautiful, just a little bit easier with a baby.

Yurt at Botelet (and photo borrowed from them)

Just a minute... in June

This month I have been...

Reading... French Children Don't Throw Food by Pamela Druckerman interspersed with The Paris Wife by Paula McLain depending on what mood I am in. The first is a parenting book/observations of a certain type of Parisian society and the second is a novel written as if a memoir by Ernest Hemingway's first wife, Hadley Richardson regarding their meeting and then time in Paris. Both with a Parisian theme, although that is the first time it has actually occurred to me

Watching... Silk, the BBC legal drama, which I've really enjoyed, despite the series making solicitors look incompetent and just a little bit silly. Wimbledon. (I'm not sure what I'll do next Monday - I watched the French Open, then Queens, then Wimbledon. I'm going to miss my default day time viewing).

Listening... It's been a little light on music round here recently. BBC 6 Music has been it really. Unless you count the waves through the baby monitor (which Pip listens to in her cot).

Buying... A few bits and pieces. Mummy shoes (Converse trainers and Havaianas flip flops). Glamorous lounging trousers - the feel of jogging bottoms with a little more elegance and pulled together no I'm not just wearing my pyjamas kind of trousers (from Hush).

Loving... Pip is now properly interacting, smiling and giggling. Getting my brain back. Going out to dinner and talking to people I don't know about something other than the baby (while holding the baby).

Wanting... (or should that be, looking forward to) a holiday to Cornwall.

Just a minute - an occasional series of posts inspired by Talking to Unicorns (who was inspired by Daydream Lily). Just a Minute was started by August Street back in 2007.