Friday, 15 January 2010

Read the Printed Word

I love it when other blogger's write about/start things I have been thinking about but haven't got around to writing/doing anything about yet.

Most recently, Cevd and ESB's pledge to read the printed word campaign.

Read the Printed Word!

Once upon a time I used to read a lot. And then I went to law school and my brain was just so full of information all it could take in was the flimsiest of novels. Since then my reading has dropped from a novel a week(ish) to only a few a year. Several times recently I have thought how much I pleasure I used to derive from reading novels, which now I seem to spend reading on-line. I still read magazines but even my newspaper reading is more often than not on-line, unless I am on a train.

And then, when we were in Stockholm, I was reminded of the simple pleasure of publications such as the New Yorker, or journals. And then I was given poetry for my birthday and I remembered just how much I love poetry.

So, great timing Cevd and ESB. Just as I was thinking about a post about how I should read more and so on, you guys come along with not only a post but a campaign. How about that?

I fully support your campaign to read the printed word. Thank you for actually putting it into motion.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

From Britain with love

Whilst busy doing anything other than packing I came across this website. Although each business has paid to be listed on the site, it is still a rather nice collection of small businesses.

Right, back to the sorting, throwing out and then packing.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Stockholm, Things they have in* (part one)

Swedish Fireplace

White and sparse apartments with open fire places which burn wood fetched at midnight
on bikes in the snow. and old copies of the new yorker.

Sunset over Stockholm

Suns that set at 2.30pm silhouetting lights strung across every street against the pinking skies, trees white with snow.

Stockholm afternoon light

Water and boats and buildings which turn pink in the fading afternoon light.


Skies which seem to be constantly blue, even when it snows.

winter boats

and boats with many masts and lots of rigging, ready to take you to another island, or maybe even across the sea.


*Borrowed kindly from the lovely P, who nicked it from the wonderful A.

Friday, 8 January 2010

2009 in photos (January - September)

January 2009

January: skiing in France

February 2009

February: Choosing the chapel

March 2009

March: London Zoo

April 2009

April: Easter chicks

May 2009

May: Hen Party

June 2009

June: Wedding reception

July 2009

July: End of Honeymoon

August 2009

August: Cornwall again

September 2009

September: cat sitting.

Photos all taken on my BlackBerry with the exception of May which was taken on a 'proper' camera and belongs to my sister.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Things that make me happy

2010 reflections

We are back safely in London despite all the snow. And my does it feel warmer here than Stockholm. Proper Sweden posts to follow but first I have been given an award by Issy and asked to share 10 things which make me happy (the winter version*):

. snuggling with my Husband. especially on a week day when ordinarily one or both of us would be at work. this is especially good if he then gets up and makes us both cups of tea which we drink in the bath. (maybe this novelty will wear off when we live in a house with a bath. i hope not)

. dancing. formal classes, at a night club or an impromptu spin around the sitting room. watching other people dance on tv or at the ballet. sometimes even hearing 'dancing' music sends the spirits soaring and makes my toes start twitching and my mouth start smiling.

. candlelight and open fires. the peacefulness of winter evenings.

. snow. i don't care how much people start to get bored of it. it makes my list because it turns even the dullest scape into the most magical of places. and i love the way the light reflects from it.

. cashmere socks. hot water bottles. large snuggly cardigans. wool blankets.

. birthdays and parties and cocktails with friends. dressing up and high heeled shoes.

. tea. and milk in milk jugs. this week i have become especially fond of swedish handle-less mugs in thin china. the aesthetic of a cup with the capacity of a mug.

. receiving unexpected parcels in the post. especially when they contain hand written letters and the most precious of presents.

. boxes. in particular pretty boxes with ribbons and tissue paper inside. i now only buy diaries or stationery or things that come in their own box.

. taking photos with my new camera. especially of reflections.


I am also supposed to tag 10 blogs which make me happy. All the blogs I read make me happy or I wouldn't read them but 10 which make me happy today are:

*some things of course make me happy all year round. but thoughts at this time of the year are no doubt very different to lists made in June. and so this is my winter version of my happiness list.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

My scheduled posting went awry (otherwise known as I never managed to finish writing them before we went away) and so the grand summary of the end of the first ten years of adulthood will be coming when we get home.

We are currently in Stockholm. Where it is snowing little diamonds of glistening snow onto streets full of whiteness. Where it is minus 16 outside but we are cosied up inside with an open fire and old friends, old films and lots of champagne. I will return next week with stories of fireworks, dance museums, Dali, reflections and all things agreeable. And birthdays.

Here's to 2010.


We are having a lazy Sunday. Bread baking, listening to music, deciding where to go for dinner and dancing for my birthday (and of course, the internets, where I have been tweeting*)

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