Monday, 17 November 2008

Are we nearly there yet?

Images (clockwise from L): Dress by Debenhams, Shoes by Rupert Sanderson, Headdress by Boring Sydney via Etsy, the venue (by me), Peacock via Style Me Pretty, Shoes by Monsoon

Well, we are getting there at least. I think I am happy about the way that the theme is progressing and complimenting itself. The colours seem to be working. Obviously, there is still a long way to go but we have 7 months still until the big day. I can't even remember what my original time frames were but my to-do list reads as follows:-
  • Choose readings and the people to read them, hymns and the ceremony itself. Finalise music to be played during the signing of the register. Draw up order of service draft. Agree with Vicar. Design order of service. Have printed.
  • My outfit: fill in the details but the main decisions have been made.
  • Check bridesmaids outfits fit them, check shoes fit them. Order jewellery and accessories.
  • Meet with crockery lady and decide which items are needed. Pay deposit.
  • Finish collecting glass tableware. Decide on table settings and layouts. Find napkins & tablecloths, source ribbons and labels. Make labels.
  • Source cheese for the cake. Finish cake toppers
  • Source guest book. Make photo display and decide on decorations for marquee
  • Make and send the invitations
  • Finish website
  • Decide on and book transport to and from church to reception. Book transport for guests between church and reception.
  • Taste and choose wine, champagne and beer. Sort out glasses.
  • Ensure groom purchases clothes for him and ushers and BestMan
  • Flowers and buttonholes
  • Decide on and book honeymoon
  • Design poster to advertise band and DJ. Hire PA system. Sort out transport for equipment.
  • Choose and purchase presents
  • Choose and purchase wedding bands
  • Pray I haven't left anything out...

Considering what this list looked like a few months ago I don't think we're doing too badly... These may be famous last words but for now, I feel vaguely in control just as long as I do not question my choices once they are made.



Everett Peacock said...

Loving it! posting this on our blog tomorrow! thanks!

a london bride said...

Wow super organised. Yes the biggest problem is questioning choices. I spent most of Saturday considering buying new Bridesmaid dresses. But your choices so far are beautiful and you'll be so pleased of being so organised as time gets closer.