Monday, 22 March 2010

25 days and counting

Can it really be 25 days since our landlady cancelled her broadband and we began the arduous task of setting up our own account? So far, aside from the very many days it takes for the process to begin, it's all going well... And I write this wirelessly from the kitchen, beside the Rayburn.

Spring has well and truly sprung here on Exmoor. The fields grow greener by the day and each day a new field is full of lambkins to distract me on my drive to work. Great banks of daffodils are brightening up the place and the pubs are filling up with ramblers and people away for the weekend.

I have been trying to keep up with my blogs and twitter on my Blackberry but intermittent signal means I am far behind with my reading. I also have many many photos which I have been dying to share with you all but sadly the internets were not having it. Until today. Which is a good day.

{Steam train on West Somerset Railway from Blue Anchor beach*}

*More photos and so on to come on Somerset Bound


Marie said...

Yeay! Welcome back. And so pleased that fingers crossed all is working well for you again. Looking forward to the photos :)

Marie-Ève said...

Welcome back! Good to hear from you.

anna and the ring said...

I am entirely jealous of your internet action. Sky has been cancelled as we were meant to get virgin this weekend (after over a month of waiting). So sky will die soon and we shall be without internet until at least the 30th. Oh sadness!