Monday, 5 November 2012

The weekly

It's been quite the week, this past week. Delilah (our cat) went missing for 24 hours and thankfully returned without life threatening injuries, although instead of handing out clementines to trick or treaters we were sitting anxiously in pet A & E (with the baby in tow) waiting for Delilah's X-ray results to be analysed. She ended up spending the night being monitored and being given fluids. Her injuries, including all her nails being shredded and broken, were consistent with being hit by a car. Obviously we will never know what did happen but the worry when she was missing was terrible and the relief when she appeared home was enormous.

The baby has been ill with a cold, as has Marto. We have all been sleeping terribly. We did manage a few museums last week, including the Hollywood Costumes at the V and A and a quick whizz round the British Musuem on Saturday. Trying very hard to balance my tiredness and frustration of parenting with making the most of all London has to offer. The Hollywood Costumes exhibition is well worth the trip, personally. Another post on that to come I think.

Photos by me: ice rink at the natural history museum/ late night at the V and A courtyard/ gathering dusk at the British museum

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