Sunday, 16 May 2010

Of weekends.


I can hardly believe it but we have been living in Exmoor for 4 months next week. Our visitors are starting to make their second and third visits. Despite having to work yesterday morning we made the most of the weekends sunshine and lay on the beach, out of the wind, wrapped up in cardigans and blankets yesterday afternoon followed by barbecuing fish and then butterflied leg of lamb for supper, with local asparagus we bought from a farm, in the garden. Barbecue over, we removed the grill, added some wood and toasted marshmallows and roasted parcels of bananas and chocolate and drank wine until it got so cold we had to retreat inside, smelling of festivals.

This afternoon, after a lazy breakfast and a quick sojourn to the owl and falconry centre for my sister-in-law to take some photos of an owl for a project, our visitors departed and the rain came sweeping in from sea. I made fruit scones and blackberry goo (compote/jam like substance) from last year's cornish blackberries and a pot of tea and we retired to a picnic on our bed, to watch Shameless, and 90210, and Desperate Housewives. The evening sun has now appeared and the birds are all singing again, post rain. Husband is cooking supper and I am starting to feel relaxed again.


Afternoon Tea, by me (both contents and photo)


Becky said...

Oh that all sounds so wonderful! Happy Sunday!

agirl said...

Delicious, your weekend. And so happy that things are looking up.

Alex said...

I worked yesterday and today too but my husband cheered me up with scones, clotted cream and jam this afternoon. Bliss.

Kristy said...

Oh, what a lovely weekend! I'm so glad you got some time to relax; I know you've needed it.

And seriously, all your delicious-looking teas make me want to institute a tea time at my house. Scones & blackberry goo? Yes, please! (I'm intrigued by this blackberry goo. It sounds delicious.)