Saturday, 1 May 2010

Alternative healing

This is certain to be a topic which will be divisive but recently I have begun to research and consider alternative healing. I have had two reflexology sessions and one massage and have investigated crystal healing. Several times I have been into my local crystal shop and been drawn to a specific crystal. On looking up the crystal in the book in the shop I have discovered that it is 'known' to have healing properties to help a specific problem that I have been dealing with.

This morning we went to Dunster for lunch and I popped into the shop. I looked at all the jewellery and was drawn to smoky quartz. Smoky quartz is quite a brown stone and not one that I have particularly considered before. I spoke to the lady in the shop, who is not someone I have met before and she told me that smoky quartz was excellent for removing stress, negativity and negative energy and for being a grounding stone. Given the week that I have just had, that sounded so spot on that I bought the earrings. I wouldn't have done if I hadn't liked them a lot as well, but I thought it was at least worth considering the theory that healing can be achieved through crystals. After all, if it reduces stress levels and removes anger, it's got to be worth it, regardless of how psychosomatic it is, perhaps.

The last time I went in, I was particularly drawn to a stone which lists 'solving legal problems' as one of it's properties. I had gone in the shop looking for a pair of earrings to wear during my new job, where, on a daily basis I solve legal problems.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has had any experience with crystals and their properties. I can't decide if there is something in it, whether I am just a sucker for pretty jewellery or whether it even matters.


Helen said...

I've used crystals in the past and defintely think there is something in it; whether it's psychosomatic or not, they can work. This is partly the reason why I wanted a moonstone engagement ring, because I identified with the properties associated with moonstone. (On a more vain note, it's also a really pretty colour!)

Sarah said...

A panacea for the worried well- if it works it's the placebo effect. People seek these so-called 'alternative and complementary therapies' (they are neither) as a justification for their feelings, but the issue is they almost certainly make you dwell on the problem (if it is a problem) for longer than it merits. If you're feeling down you'd be better off talking to a friend, or getting outside for some fresh air or something.

agirl said...

Massage, acupuncture, etc I think have proven benefits, and I'd jump all over them. Crystals? I'm thinking not. But heck, the placebo effect for things like relieving stress and mild depression is ginormous, so if you believe...

anna and the ring said...

I think the placebo effect is powerful but should not be viewed as a replacement for traditional medicine.

Pretty jewellery (if you can afford it) can't do you any harm.

Indeed I hope to buy a "helpful" amethyst in the not too distant future. Drugs or crystals, I care not, if I get better.