Thursday, 10 June 2010

To Gozo

I have been putting off writing recently because I felt I didn't have the photos on the right computer to go with the post. Well, bugger that. Perhaps you even read for the writing, not the photos anyway?

This week has been one busy, rollercoaster week. We spent Sunday afternoon watching two baby blue-tits learn to fly and helped them out of several sticky situations. The larger one even sat and shouted on my hand for a long while after I helped him out of the tangle he got into my my jumper on the washing line. Sadly, by twilight they still hadn't managed to even take off and so, as it got dark, we retreated inside, leaving them snuggled into the wall outside in a sheltered corner, heads under wings. We sat and wrote an application form for a beautiful cottage we had set our hearts on renting from the National Trust. In the morning, the blue-tits had both died, lying peacefully on the floor, seemingly too small to last the night. We didn't even get an interview for the house - apparently we hadn't applied for one before and others had, so we were vetoed before we could even make our case. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried on both discoveries.

This weekend marks our first anniversary. We leave for a week in Gozo on Tuesday but first to London, for a hen party on Saturday, afternoon tea in a swanky hotel on Sunday and perhaps a spot of London shopping. Yet, leaving work for a week means that this week I have been inundated with stuff to do - everything seems to happen at once and I am so busy I haven't even packed yet. I also have done no planning for the hen party, not even an outfit, and I still have to buy a silly item for the bride. We are also supposed to bring cupcakes for a picnic but eff knows when I am going to find time to fit that it.

I am also feeling surprisingly sad that it's a whole year since our wedding. I had such an amazing time that weekend with all our friends and family. I wish we could do it again. Not the wedding perhaps, but that party. Still, we have to leave it to others this year. But happy about anniversaries. (Although I am definitely a bad wife - I haven't yet even thought about an anniversary present. I haven't even had time to make a card. Please, tell me I'm not the only one.) I really cannot believe that a whole year has passed.

I have also found out about several babies this week, each time I was so excited for the person in question and then sad for myself that we have decided that even if we should get on with trying (undergoing more tests for gynae problems) we just cannot afford to have a baby. Career, money and house wise. It's just not the right time. Yet. I just hope that by the time it is affordable the moment hasn't passed. But yey for those who can and are. I have been absolutely thrilled by each and every announcement, blog friend and real-life friends alike. They are so blurred now anyway I can't remember where if at all the line is these days.

So stress and busy-ness and good news and sad news and how-the-eff-am-I-going-to-fit-it-all-in worries. And yet, after Tuesday, lies a week of sunbathing, wine, cocktails, reading and (hopefully) hot weather.

See you all in a week or so.


Joan Hunter Dunn said...

Happy First Anniversary - have a fantastic Anni-moon. That whole married and everyone asking about babies is weird - not sure what else to say in a small comment box... Here's to sunshine, cocktails and love!

Bells said...

Happy happy anniversary Peacocks and Mr Peacocks! Have a really lovely and relaxing holiday.

anna and the ring said...

Happy anniversary my sweet!

Enjoy yourself in Gozo (as a child I spent time out there when my dad worked there).

Def pop over to Malta proper if you have some free time. Mdina is beautiful.


Marie-Ève said...

Have a great little getaway...

I'm so sad for your cute little birds...

And about babies... I'm sending a big hug. I understand exactly how you feel... I had them last in my circle and it was never the right time, or place, or anything, and then I couldn't seem to get pregnant for a long time. Some years later it sometimes still seems so improbable that I am now pregnant with my second!

One day, sooner rather than later, it will happen for you as well. And it will be all worth the wait and the fuss. I highly believe in things falling into place at one point, and I know you'll be an amazing mum.

anna and the ring said...

Sorry just to add (I got excited by Gozo).

You are a postgrad professional like me and whilst we may have had opportunity to procreate I think our time for child bearing is v. late 20s to 30s (my new sister is the same and had she first child in her late 30s).

Our time will come. Make sure you find a GP you can talk to. (Failing that, I do have a good listening ear for a non-GP).

agirl said...

Oh sweetheart, I want to give you a huge hug. I *know* that bittersweet baby ache.

Have the most fabulous anniversary celebration! (A year comes round so fast!) And fear not, life will be full of ever more wonderful things to celebrate with loved ones.


Kristy said...

Oh, hugs and hugs and more hugs to you, love. With some squeals and hoorays for a happy anniversary and a fabulous trip. You need a break and time with M, and Gozo sounds like an amazing place for both those things.

Marie said...

Happy anniversary! Hope you have an amazing time in Gozo with M. Some time to relax, enjoy being with each other and to forget about life's little troubles. I'm not sure what to say about babies save that I can only hope that when the time is right everything will work for you and M. A huge hug and bestest wishes for the holiday and beyond. Xx

Gaynor said...

Happy Anniversary and hope you had a lovely holiday.

My sis is planning to get married there next summer.

Im sort of the same with the babies thing; its not the right time just now for us.