Friday, 16 July 2010

Something that made me laugh today...

I was reading the article in which Meg of APW is quoted in on CNN and somehow fell to reading the comments too. One commenter went into great depths about how cheap and fabulous her wedding was (tbh, I got bored after 2 sentences) and that she had been told she should become a wedding planner.

The commenter immediately after: {Sheppard1} "If you do go in to wedding planning, lets hope you don't charge by the word..."

Great that the article is putting forward creative and practical wedding sites and examples to further counteract the WIC but sad how many people still think that their wedding day is *their* chance to spend as much money humanly possible on *their perfect idea* of what a wedding should and sod the expense to husband*-to-be, loans or parents.

Apologies for the leave of absence once more. Back soon with tales of more weddings. As usual, you can follow my day-to-day this and thats via twitter (see box at top right).
*I use husband only here deliberately as I have yet to come across an example where the wife-to-be of a wife is hell bent on getting her way and her way only. No doubt they exist but I suspect in way smaller numbers...

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