Monday, 5 July 2010


In the words of Cara, who so often knows *just* how to put it, today was poo on a stick. PMT, work being a total arse, Wimbledon over, husband having to return to London, my new iphone failed to be delivered again because somehow the driver *still* can't work out which house we live in and ignores instructions to call and did I mention PMT.

Still, we went to a gallery opening on Saturday (read more here) and I fell in love with Kate Wyatt's line drawings of animals. She also has rabbits and hares but it is these doormouses that I love the very best. One day, when work has stopped being an arse, and I am back on shopping, I will buy these and hang them in my office (seeing as I spend far more effing time staring at those walls than in my actual home).

Image by Kate Wyatt


Marie-Ève said...

I hope you feel better honey... Thinking of you.

Becky said...

So so cute! Hope they cheer you up!

agirl said...

Oh bless you. xoxo

Lisa said...

Such an adorable picture!

Spare Thoughts said...

hugs, thinking of you.