Monday, 15 June 2009

Guest Post by A1- The Big Day

The Beautiful Bride Leaving The Chapel The First Dance

Now the big day is over, and what a wonderful big day it was!

As you can see from the pictures, Rachel was an absolutely radiant bride, and M didn't look too bad either! She put huge amounts of work into her outfit, which certainly paid off. As her sister, I may be biased but I have never seen a more beautiful bride - I am sure you will all agree! The peonies perfectly complemented the dresses and colour schemes, and came out exactly the right amount in the car on the way to the chapel.

Contrary to earlier fears, Rachel didn't need her wellies. The weekend started with mist which added a certain atmosphere, and cleared on the wedding morning, progressing to beautiful evening sunshine. The only spots of rain occurred at the chapel but simply aided the process of moving the guests on up to the reception.

The choice of reception venue was perfect. The marquee acted as a beautiful blank canvas onto which R and M created a perfect concoction of decoration which reflected their tastes and ideals exactly. It was set of wonderfully by the backdrop of rolling countryside as far as the eye could see.

Rachel and M were "touched by many people" (as M said in his speech!), and R especially requested that you were all thanked for your many lovely messages, cards, texts, emails and comments. It has been wonderful how many people have shared in this event in one way or another.

Perhaps I shall share some more later, but I would like to make sure that Rachel herself gets to tell you more of the detail once she returns.


Kristy said...

Rach, you look gorgeous! And I'm so glad you didn't have to wear your wellies because THE SHOES! (Yes, I still love them.) M looks quite charming in his suit, and oh, I can't wait for you to get back now! (But don't cut the honeymoon short because I want details.) I'm getting all teary-eyed in my office, really.

A1 - thanks for posting a few snapshots. =]

Modelmental said...

What a lovely idea to have your sister do an urgent recap-thank you! And guys, you looked ridiculously gorgeous, like, famous people gorgeous!
So so beautiful, can't wait to hear the rest. Yay. x

Indian Summers said...

Yay! How fantastic that we get to see some photos thanks to your sister!

Huge, huge congrats - so glad you had a fabulous day. And you look absolutely gorgeous and glamourous - wow! And nice to put a face to M - he looks very dashing. :-)

(Also, I've long suspected that you went to the same uni as me - and that last photo confirms it, I'd recognise those buildings anywhere!)

Marie said...

A1 thank-you so much. Rachel you look absolutely stunning. And you and M together... So exciting to just have this little taster. Congratulations again!

Bells said...

Love that picture of you in the car - you look absolutely radiant Rachel and M's grin says it all I think! Congratulations to you both.

east side bride said...

Congrats gorgeous!

Rachel said...

thank you all. and thanks to A1 for the guest post!