Monday, 30 May 2011


Friends. Wine. Vodka. Cosy fire. Lazy brunches. Long late suppers. Blustery walks on the beach. Browsing in second hand books shops. Drinking coffee. Lazing over the Sunday papers. Cupcakes. Candlelight. You would have thought it October half term, not May, except that it was light til after 9pm and light again at 5am. A wonderful weekend which I did not want to end.

The perfect lazy anecdote to a long week which included an unexpected drive to Exeter to collect the husbabund when a First Great Western failure meant he couldn't get off at Taunton, being a very busy bee at work and starting a new ballet class to bookend my week of dancing.

(photo by me)


Kristy said...

What a moody sky! Gorgeous photo.

And it sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. :) (Sorry about First Great Western, though. They should look into changing their name as they are obviously not that great.)

Spare Thoughts said...

Great photo - as Kristy says very moody.
Glad you had a good weekend other than the detour.

kaos-o said...
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cara said...

That's some gorgeous photography you're doing lady.