Saturday, 17 September 2011

Kurt Jackson

Have I mentioned my love of Kurt Jackson's work? We popped in to see his latest exhibition at the Lemon Street Gallery in Truro on our way down to Sennen Cove last week. It was amazing. I highly recommend.

This piece, "above a tamarisk, Towan, Roseland", was one of my favourites. Jackson works with mixed media, predominately outside, in Cornwall, amongst other places. Cornwall is where my heart lives; I am obsessed with Cornwall and those who capture it through art, photography and poetry. The way the light changes, minute to minute, the land fascinating and ancient, the sea and sky, formidable, wild, high. I am constantly trying to get just a little bit of the way Jackson manages to get that light reflecting off the sea into my own work.

More on this to come.


Kurt Jackson

The Trees Of Cornwall
Lemon Street Gallery
13 Lemon Street, 
Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2LS 
01872 275757

9 Sept – 8 Oct 2011


Image - painting by Kurt Jackson via Lemon Street Gallery website

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Alexandra Grace said...

Grandpa would love that piece. As do I.