Sunday, 18 September 2011

My sister's wordless wedding

Just in case you don't read A Practical Wedding (and if you don't, and you're interested in intelligent discussion of women in the context of marriage, you should) you might be interested to hear (read?) that my sister and her husband's July wedding was the subject of a wordless wedding feature this week.

One day, I am going to write about this wedding, and what it meant to me, and some of the things I helped with. But, perhaps because it's even harder with someone else that you are so very close to, I can't find the words. Like with my own wedding, but at least I had (co)ownership of that. This is someone else's and I think that's why I was so surprised to be so moved by the whole occasion and why it is so hard to articulate those thoughts.

(above, me and Anne dancing with the baby bridesmaids)

The Info—Ceremony VenueSt. Mary’s Church, Shaw-cum-Donnington, Berkshire, England / Reception Venue: The Black Barn / Dress: Oxfam Bridal Southampton / Suit: Moss Bros / Photography: Lauren McGlynn Photography, UK (APW Sponsor)

(photo and info taken from the post - click over to read some of Anne's words about the day)

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Diamonds and Weddings said...

I love the photo! And I'd like to hear more about the wedding, it sounds interesting and unique.