Thursday, 8 January 2009

T minus 5 months and 6 days


There are 22 weekends between now and the weekend of the wedding. I am busy for the next 5 (birthday party, my sister's return, skiing hols, party for my sister's return/cousin's departure). We are then visiting the chaplain for the last time in February, which counts out that weekend. I am also busy for the first two weekends in April (close friend's 30th and then Easter) and a weekend in May (hen party). I am also refusing to do any diy projects the weekend before the wedding, which leaves 12 weekends to complete everything.

* Invitations: cards and envelopes have been bought. Information needs to be calligraphied and then painted etc x 75. Estimate 5 per day = 7.5 weekends. Better work on them during the week too.
* Orders of service: once content has been decided (before and during weekend visit to Chaplain) design can be finalised (once sister's boyfriend the graphic designer returns from Australia) and they can be printed etc. Estimate = 1 weekend.
* Bride's outfit: Dress is coming to London on Sunday so that sister-in-law-to-be the fashion designer can pin dress to fit and arrange alterations as well as advising (possibly executing) on lining skirt/petticoat and the making of the veil/veils. Estimate = 2 weekends.
* Groom's outfit: Needs researching, finding, purchasing and potentially altering. He will have to fit this in after work as well. Estimate = endless.
* Cake-toppers: Designed and material purchased. Waiting for sewing machine to arrive to finish. Estimate = 1 weekend.
* Tables: Names to be calligraphied onto tags. Ribbon to be bought to match shoes. Ribbons plus tags to be attached to napkins. Great Plate Search to continue. Cutlery issue to be sorted. Table plan to be finalised and calligraphied. Estimate = 1 weekend for the diy. Delegate the rest (but to who?)
* Venue decorations: Peacock feathers to be bought. Photo displays to be made. Guest book to be bought. Hat line to be made. Band posters to be designed and made (delegate brother-in-law-thegraphicdesigner?) Estimate = 1 weekend.
* Bridesmaids: jewellery to be made, presents to be made and bought. Estimate = 1 weekend.
* Arrangements: Many. Too many to list. Estimate = More weekends allocated than there are weekends to be used. Easter may become a working party.


* Catering arrangements to be finalised and paid for.
* Wine and champagne to be agreed and purchased.
* Ice arrangements to be made, ditto glasses and ice buckets.
* PA system (why oh why will companies not return e-mails)
* Entertainment to be finalised (i.e. set lists and logistics with instruments)
* Wedding bands to be chosen and bought
* Groom's outfit to be sorted
* Flowers to be chosen and ordered (practice run?) and buttonholes to be designed and then delegated
* Bride's grooming issues to be decided and booked.
* Hen party to finish organising
* Second week of honeymoon to be decided and booked plus wardrobe purchased
* Music for the church aside from hymns to be decided and booked and rehearsed

Looks like it's going to be a busy but exciting few months... proper posts to resume now that it is January and the blogging holiday (also general computer and phone holiday) is over.



kelly.mason22 said...

Hello - I can sympathise with you! I'm a UK bride getting married in July (who is a graphic designer) and I'm determined to make everything myself! I'm getting stressy now!

Hope it goes ok... your blog makes for fascinating reading!

Cate Subrosa said...

It will all get done and it will be wonderful, just remember that.

Rachel said...

Hi Kelly! Good to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words.

And thanks Cate. I am sure it will, just in my head there was more time than that!