Thursday, 15 January 2009

In need of inspiration

Image credits (clockwise from left):
I am sure I have posted this before but I can't find the credit (please let me know if you know)
Ditto the turquoise car (please let me know if you know)
from US Vogue June 2008 via A Desert Fete via This is Glamorous
Robyn Kessler via Style me Pretty
peacock - unknown
Damian Hall Photography via here
It's cold, it's dark, I lack motivation. I have decided I need to step back and look at things in a new light. So I went through all my photos and picked the ones which speak to me a representative of our theme. We're not actually getting married in a field and nor do we have that very Californian light in England, but this is the feel we are going for: nostalgic, vintage, whimsical, ethereal & real. Oh, and English. Is it possible?
M bought himself a suit from e-bay last week. It arrives soon. I also found him a pair of boots just like the ones above, but it seemed silly to spend £250 on the boots and £10 on the suit. We shall keep looking. I wondered what the rest of his outfit looked like above so I searched Robin Kessler's blog until I found the rest of the images. I was disappointed by the rest of his outfit but she is called Rachel, so there must be something in it.
My sister returns from Australia at the weekend and it will be the first time in 3 years that we 3 sisters have been in the same place. It is also the first time we will have seen her since we got engaged. I will be back next week.


London bride said...

I remember hitting that point. And having so much to do I stopped enjoying it and gave up trying to plan it so much and trying to have a theme. It all comes together in the end, and much better than you can probably imagine right now! Thank-you also for your lovely messages and I shall begin the tale soon, so much to sort! M xx

Southern Bride To Be said...

Love the pictures!