Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, oh christmas tree

I said last week that times they are a-changing & I promise I will share my news soon. And when I do, you will see why posts have been few and far between recently. In the meantime here are some really bad snaps of the tree, nay bush, that the Christmas tree fairy left for us. The news that I will share very soon meant that Husband and I had agreed no tree. But on Sunday it was our sixth month wed-iversary (can it really be that long since we said the big 'I-Do') & Husband rescued the most darling bedraggled odd shaped tree/bush hybrid that no-one else wanted. I guess he knew just how much having a tree meant to me, so he found a way to make it work. (I believe he told the tree selling man he wanted a tree as a joke present for someone and did they have any unwanted trees which he could buy on the cheap. Seriously, he paid about £9 for this one, which for London is very, very cheap). Now *that* is what being married is about.

Vintage round bauble

Vintage gold bauble (found in a charity shop in Manchester for 10p)

Vintage Bird Decoration

(Copper vintage bird decoration from Shikasuki)

Christmas Tree

And the tree, in all it's beauty and strange-shaped-gorgeousness in our *extremely* cluttered/messy sitting room. With candy canes. Love me some candy canes.

A long time ago a friend from America told my sisters and me that he would bring us anything from America for Christmas. Anything. We chose candy canes...

Back soon with the answers to the wedding questions. I am working on them, I promise!


Kristy said...

It's adorable! All round and squat. Kind of like Santa Claus, no?

Short of chopping down your own, I think £9 for a Christmas tree-bush-thing is about as cheap as you could get anywhere.

Has it really been 6 months already? =)

Rosalie said...

When I was reading about the tree I imagined something really small especially for £9. Your tree is impressive for £9! Less mishapen and bigger than ours and we paid double. Very intrigued by your news, looking forward to hearing about it.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

That's a fab tree! I was expecting something much crappier for 9 quid!

I love the gold bauble, it's just like the silver ones I want from the white company (which cost more than your tree!)

anna and the ring said...

£9 and it looks fabulous!

Too wonderful!