Thursday, 24 December 2009

A very merry Christmas


The ballet yesterday was wonderful: Clara and her Nutcracker Prince, danced beautifully but it was really the Sugar Plum Fairy who swept me away. I danced for over 15 years and still her duet with her Prince, her line of fouett├ęs and jetes made me gasp. I also loved the battle between the mice and the toy soldiers, particularly when the mice started fighting with their tails. Our seats were right up in the rafters but the view was spectacular. The last time I was in the Royal Opera House we had a box, which in it's own way was gorgeous, but I was so carried away in the spirit of the Nutcracker that I barely noticed how high we were.

And after the ballet we had lunch in Covent Garden before I finished my Christmas shopping in the market. Shopping in Covent Garden is not something that I do very often, so it seemed rather poignant that in celebration of our last Christmas in London* I spent the eve of Christmas Eve engaged in two of the most London-ish Christmas celebrations I could think of.

Last night Husband and I made two curries to take home to my parents this afternoon for supper with my family. We are spending Christmas Day and Boxing Day with them and then progress to Shropshire for the remainder of the holidays with his family. The presents are all wrapped, the chutneys are bottled and labeled, biscuits have been made and stashed in tins for presents, and in boxes for consumption with coffee and mulled wine tonight and tomorrow. The car should be packed (but isn't, because I am writing) and we are almost ready to depart.

And so, it is with the happiest of hearts that I wish you Happy Christmas, one and all, if you celebrate. And if you don't, then the warmest winter greetings.



{Image of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, by me}

*Somerset is to become our new home in the new year.


Marie said...

Have a wonderful Christmas! All the best to you and M for a relaxing first married Christmas. Xxx

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, and how exciting about your move! Wishing you the very best of luck with it all - I'll be following your Somerset blog. Will you keep this blog up too? x

Issy said...

Exciting news about your job and move! West is best xxx