Thursday, 7 January 2010

Things that make me happy

2010 reflections

We are back safely in London despite all the snow. And my does it feel warmer here than Stockholm. Proper Sweden posts to follow but first I have been given an award by Issy and asked to share 10 things which make me happy (the winter version*):

. snuggling with my Husband. especially on a week day when ordinarily one or both of us would be at work. this is especially good if he then gets up and makes us both cups of tea which we drink in the bath. (maybe this novelty will wear off when we live in a house with a bath. i hope not)

. dancing. formal classes, at a night club or an impromptu spin around the sitting room. watching other people dance on tv or at the ballet. sometimes even hearing 'dancing' music sends the spirits soaring and makes my toes start twitching and my mouth start smiling.

. candlelight and open fires. the peacefulness of winter evenings.

. snow. i don't care how much people start to get bored of it. it makes my list because it turns even the dullest scape into the most magical of places. and i love the way the light reflects from it.

. cashmere socks. hot water bottles. large snuggly cardigans. wool blankets.

. birthdays and parties and cocktails with friends. dressing up and high heeled shoes.

. tea. and milk in milk jugs. this week i have become especially fond of swedish handle-less mugs in thin china. the aesthetic of a cup with the capacity of a mug.

. receiving unexpected parcels in the post. especially when they contain hand written letters and the most precious of presents.

. boxes. in particular pretty boxes with ribbons and tissue paper inside. i now only buy diaries or stationery or things that come in their own box.

. taking photos with my new camera. especially of reflections.


I am also supposed to tag 10 blogs which make me happy. All the blogs I read make me happy or I wouldn't read them but 10 which make me happy today are:

*some things of course make me happy all year round. but thoughts at this time of the year are no doubt very different to lists made in June. and so this is my winter version of my happiness list.


Savoir Weddings said...

I love all those blogs too :)

Kristy said...

That is a really cool photograph. How are you liking the new camera?

Completely agree about the snow. Though when it snows where I live, everyone is afraid to drive and it takes an hour to go 5 miles.

Marie-Ève said...

Thank you! I just had an urge to be at home in the bathtub with warm tea and pleasant company...

hatandfeathers said...

what a light-filled list of happinesses! and thanks for the sweetness!

Cate Subrosa said...

Thank you, dear. I love jugs without handles too.