Sunday, 10 January 2010

Stockholm, Things they have in* (part one)

Swedish Fireplace

White and sparse apartments with open fire places which burn wood fetched at midnight
on bikes in the snow. and old copies of the new yorker.

Sunset over Stockholm

Suns that set at 2.30pm silhouetting lights strung across every street against the pinking skies, trees white with snow.

Stockholm afternoon light

Water and boats and buildings which turn pink in the fading afternoon light.


Skies which seem to be constantly blue, even when it snows.

winter boats

and boats with many masts and lots of rigging, ready to take you to another island, or maybe even across the sea.


*Borrowed kindly from the lovely P, who nicked it from the wonderful A.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a really beautiful city. Didn't envy you the temperatures over New Year though - made London seem tropical by the sounds of it!

Marie-Ève said...

Wow, beautiful. I always felt some kind of a kinship with Scandinavians, because they do have a lot of things in common with us Quebecers, including the naturally progressive and laid-back mentality, as well as the climate (huge thing). Somehow in my mind I've been wondering if one automatically goes with the other... Or maybe not.

I'm surprised to hear that the sun sets at 2:30! Here the earliest is 4, and I refer to these few weeks as the "dark" ones. We've now been gaining back 2-3 minutes of sunlight daily for the past three weeks, so it already sets at around 4:30, and it's only getting better.

Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings said...

The sunset happens at 2.30pm but it isn't dark til about 3.30pm. Still felt very early.

Exmoorjane said...

Wow, what a beautiful blog....though the snow is making me cold and we already have enough of it right here!
Huge thanks for looking at my Walker blog! Jane

Wellies and Vogue said...

Oh I'd love to go.. and will one day.

I love that fireplace.. must get one! x