Friday, 15 January 2010

Read the Printed Word

I love it when other blogger's write about/start things I have been thinking about but haven't got around to writing/doing anything about yet.

Most recently, Cevd and ESB's pledge to read the printed word campaign.

Read the Printed Word!

Once upon a time I used to read a lot. And then I went to law school and my brain was just so full of information all it could take in was the flimsiest of novels. Since then my reading has dropped from a novel a week(ish) to only a few a year. Several times recently I have thought how much I pleasure I used to derive from reading novels, which now I seem to spend reading on-line. I still read magazines but even my newspaper reading is more often than not on-line, unless I am on a train.

And then, when we were in Stockholm, I was reminded of the simple pleasure of publications such as the New Yorker, or journals. And then I was given poetry for my birthday and I remembered just how much I love poetry.

So, great timing Cevd and ESB. Just as I was thinking about a post about how I should read more and so on, you guys come along with not only a post but a campaign. How about that?

I fully support your campaign to read the printed word. Thank you for actually putting it into motion.


James said...

I did wonder what had happened to your reading. I remember the tag line to your old blog was something like, city living, parties and book reviews.

I too have recently rediscovered the joy of reading. As a young child I was a bookworm, with old family photos often displaying me with a book in my hand. For a variety of reasons I've read less and less books as I've grown older. But this year one of my 'resolutions' is to make more time for reading. I don't think it's that hard to achieve... less internet browsing and more 'proper' reading. I've already read three books this year.

Do let us know if you come across any good (printed) reading material. I'm on the look out for recommendations.

Tungsten Rings said...

Hi there, I think that everyone should read more, but then again, i have stopped reading novels and instead, i read more blogs, but then again, im a fan of the printed word also... yes, printed material suggestions is a great idea ,)