Wednesday, 28 April 2010



On Monday afternoon I fainted at work and Husband took me to the doctor. She thinks I am stressed. She might be right.

This is the week that Water Company of the West Who I Shall Not Name but will henceforth be known as WCW decided to start their works. We were given the relevant statutory notice to which there is eff all we can do except wait for them to cause us inconvenience and then try and claim compensation. All very convenient, especially as they then say, whenever an issue is raised, "well, we did warn you it would be inconvenient" as if we could somehow have opted out, if only we'd said something at the time.

To cut a long story short, a bridge is being replaced and so the sewage pipe is running up through some extra large pumps, through what used to be our garden gate, across our garden and up over our dry stone wall boundary and into the road again. The pumps can start at any time of day or night. The pumps are also sitting where six cars used to be parked. These are narrow country roads and there is very little other space in which to park. So, every morning and evening my stomach rages that I have to try and fight for somewhere to park. Next week they close the bridge and start those works too. I think I might cry. Who knows what I might do when the road is closed and the pumps start up at 3am.

Add in a thoughtfully worded letter from the NHS {"your doctor has requested an emergency referral [first I'd heard of it, no mention of the other appointment I had booked]. this does not necessarily mean it is cancer. in fact, over 50% of people seen through emergency referrals don't have cancer"} WOW. way to reassure me NHS. That almost 1 in 2 patients that you do see does have cancer. That you think it might be cancer but it isn't definitely. How f*cking reassuring. *

Stir in two court cases, end of year billing, the person from whom I am taking over from retiring at the end of the week and still having a filing cabinet full of files to hand over to me and it's mothereffing Wednesday already and there you have it. Might the doctor actually be right?

{Edit: Went to the appointment. Doctor apologised for someone referring me to gynae-oncology. I still have a 67mm cyst which is a symptom of my endometrosis but it ISN'T ovarian cancer. I should have just been referred to a normal gynae team and which has now been done. I may have to have another op to have it removed and they are now looking into fertitlity questions but all that is surmountable. As, of course, is cancer. I am just relieved it is not something I have to worry about.}


Photo by me

*Remember the op I had last year for endometriosis and cysts on my ovary. Looks like it's back.


Kristy said...

Oh Rach, if I could give you a big hug right now, I would. I'm so sorry! So glad it's not cancer, though cysts and endo suck royally. I hope everything calms down soon. Sending you virtual hugs from Texas.

Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings said...

Thanks Kristy. Your virtual hug is much appreciated.

(and not to scare you but I don't actually know it's not cancer. I just am 95% sure it's not. If that makes sense).

Kristy said...

Ui, well then, I'll keep hoping that it for sure isn't. 5% is scarier than 0%. Hang in there!

Spare Thoughts said...

Can't think of much more to say than HUGSSSSSSS! And I'm thinking of you.

Marie said...

I really don't know what to say except I am thinking of you and praying for you. Water companies, in fact utility companies in general are absolute to**ers and dealing with them is a nightmare. Hoping for the 95% and that all is okay. M xxx

KLS said...

Hang in there, Rachel.

Marie-Ève said...

Big hug Rachel... Thinking of you.

agirl said...

Oh bless you. I hope this week is a thousand times better. xx

anna and the ring said...

Just take care of yourself.

Bells said...

Why oh why do irritating things like that happen just when you most need calm, peace and ease? If only we could send you those things, all tied up with a pretty blue ribbon ... well, imagine that I am, metaphorically speaking.
Everything crossed and praying for your quick recovery Rachel.

Gaynor said...

Hope you are ok; look after yourself. x