Tuesday, 8 February 2011


It is a sad day in our house. AUX, our lovely trusty SAAB died. Husband and I were extremely fond of old AUX. He was the car we left for our honeymoon in, our first car, the first thing we properly owned together. We knew he was old. But we had hoped he would live on for a while yet. Things weren't right on Saturday. The oil light kept trying to come on. By Saturday afternoon we had left to drive the 4 hours to visit Husband's Granny. But AUX could make it no further. His oil light came on and stayed on. We poured in 4 litres of oil. To no avail. The engine started sounding funny. We pulled over at a layby and called the recovery services. They came and after checking the enormous piece of half roasted lamb that was in the boot would be ok, we watched the rescue man tow him backwards onto the truck. On Monday they came back and towed him to the nearest garage. By 3.30pm they had pronounced him DNR. Husband tried not to be too sad as he emptied AUX of his myriad possessions. We had a courtesy car for 24 hours whilst we tried to decide where he should have his final resting place. He will most likely be sold for parts by the garage, who will give us £150. The courtesy car is like driving a mini bus (which surprised me given that it is a Pergeout 307). I now will have to rely on the 8am bus and a series of taxis and begged lifts back to the village until we can buy a new car. RIP AUX. You will be missed.

(photos by family members of us leaving for our honeymoon. For obvious reasons I had not shared them before. I guess it doesn't matter now.)


Kristy said...

Poor AUX! And poor you! Being carless when you really do need one can be quite exasperating. Hope the search goes quickly!

AG said...

I remember decorating it well. Hope you fins something soon.

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Oh I'm so sorry. I do hate losing a good friend. I still miss Polo the VW very much. Munch the Mercedes not so much (the little bastard).