Saturday, 12 March 2011

Drink Shop & Do



Last Saturday I spent 8 hours at Drink Shop Do. The first four hours were engaged in discussion on a huge variety of topics with Anna and Alicia for the London meet up for the A Practical Wedding Book Group, which I also wrote about here. Once the book group was ended, I was due to meet one of my closest girl friends for the evening. Our partners were going to The Streets and we decided that we would have a few drinks, get some food and then go to another friend's birthday party in east London. I was going to go and meet her somewhere else but once the book group ended I thought it would be more fun to get her to come and join me. So she did, and we spent another three hours drinking cocktails and discussing all sorts of things (including some issues which we may never have touched on if I hadn't just spent four hours discussing all sorts of personal topics with two strangers new friends).

Drink Shop Do is part cafe, part shop, part bar, part craft emporium. As we sat there drinking our cocktails, other tables were getting stuck into some paper mache mask making. It's decked out in vintage (predominately 1950s) including Formica tables and dressers and vintage mismatched tea cups. If you take a shine to your cup, or your chair, or even your table, don't worry. It's all for sale. You can also buy old fashioned sweets and other retro gifts. Just don't take the wrong turn on the way to the loo as you'll find yourself in a sex shop. You have been warned. But go, to Drink Shop Do. It's fabulous. (and highly convenient - just 2 minutes from Kings Cross).

[edit. I can't believe I actually went somewhere before it was reviewed in the Independent]

Drink Shop & Do

9 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DX.
Tuesday to Saturday 12–11pm
Sunday 12–8pm
{bottom image borrowed from Drink Shop & Do website, top two images by Alicia and borrowed from the ApracticalWedding flickr group}


Abigail said...

The place sounds amazing! I'm hoping to take a trip to London in April or May (avoiding The Wedding, if at all possible)-- maybe I'll check it out!

Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings said...

If you do come to London you should definitely check out drink shop and do (if you're into vintage things) and have afternoon tea.

Would be the perfect place to do a little Royal Wedding celebrating too, if you did find yourself in town at the "wrong time" :)

Cate Subrosa said...

You're looking great, Rachel.

I love the idea that everything is for sale. Bet it's very tempting!

Anna said...

Hello! Was really interesting chatting away & nice to meet you. Look forward to the next book group! Feeling like I must get round to starting a (non travel) blog if people are going to be talking about me on their blogs [blush].