Monday, 14 March 2011

Sponsored Posts, ebuzzing and how it works.

A while ago, when I did my first sponsored post, I was asked about the finer points about how my sponsored posts worked. You can read my response here. Ebuzzing are the people who sponsor my posts - they contact me every so often with details of companies who would like to work with bloggers and I decide whether it is the sort of alliance that I can support. (With the exception of paypal - which I do think is an important service to support - all the other sponsored posts I have written have been related to good causes in some way).

For this post, they have asked me to write about ebuzzing itself, including how you can get involved yourself too if you wish. Sponsored posts are good for both the blogger and ebuzzing as the blogger receives a small sum of money and the brand (and ebuzzing) gets exposure on the blogosphere. I appreciate that it isn't for everyone - reader and blogger both- but it allows me a small supplement to my fairly low income (which I mostly use to pay for my spotify subscription and the occasional toiletry purchase).

The perfect ebuzzing campaigns for me are ones that raise my awareness of good causes or things that I wouldn't necessarily have encountered if it weren't for the e-mails asking me if was interested in promoting but had I heard of them would have likely wrote about them regardless. Causes that have a national reach, raising money or awareness for issues which affect us all. I also like campaigns which promote discussion. So far, my sponsored posts have already raised some discussion of the issues surrounding the campaigns, which I think is fantastic, and am always keen to facilitate talking and education. In the case of the Comic Relief post, I am giving part of the fee directly back to Comic Relief (just as soon as ebuzzing pay it into my paypal account!). In fact, the perfect brand to see being promoted on an ebuzzing campaign would be one relating to womens issues, as that is something I have been writing and discussing recently. Perhaps even a Family Planning Clinic or similar?

How it works - ebuzzing contact me, I choose whether to be involved, I write a post which ebuzzing verify, I hit publish and you read (and hopefully discuss the content). I then get paid a few weeks later and when it's appropriate, transfer some of the fee to the charity/cause in question.

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