Thursday, 24 March 2011

Spring Sunday in Bristol

Husband and I drove to Bristol on Sunday. We met up with my sister and Fauxbro for a little picnic by the Suspension Bridge, tasted some wines for their wedding and then headed to the Zoo, to the Bristol Vintage Wedding Fair. Sister and I pottered round the fair, chatting to vendors and selecting things for my second wedding (ha) and buying one or two bits (her, for her actual wedding). Husband and Fauxbro sat and drank coffee from teacups and then sampled wedding cake.

We then headed into Clifton, pottered in a few shops (I bought some lining paper for an old chest of drawers that we bought from a junk shop in London a while back) and then we had a cream tea in a little cafe in the evening sunshine before heading home again. 

The wedding fair was curated by Bristol Vintage (further post coming as they hire lovely vintage tea sets for weddings, and given my troubles in finding such a thing in 2009 I am keen to list as many as possible). Bristol Vintage had lots of cake stands for sale, as you can see in this photograph above. Despite owning no less than 3 different variants of cake stand, I was sorely tempted to add to my collection. A friend of my Grandmother's, knowing my fondness for vintage tableware, has sent a bag of tableclothes and the like down for me, which will be delivered by my mother on Saturday. Given that the last set included Swiss lace table mats from the early 1900s, I am most excited. And another cake stand would have been perfect for the afternoon tea for an early mothering sunday that I am planning this weekend and also for the hen party and baby showers which are approaching in May. But, I was good and resisted. And the 3 I already have will be just. fine.

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All photos by me (and not re-touched. the sky really was that blue. and yes, I need to start using a camera not an iphone)


Helen said...

I was at the vintage fair too, covering it for work. I missed out on the free cake samples though!

And yes, the sky really was that blue! You cannot beat Clifton on a sunny day. It's where we lived for a year and where we got married (right down the road from the zoo, in fact) so it will always be special.


An afternoon in Clifton how perfect!

agirl said...

Gotta love Brizzle.

Kristy said...

What a gorgeous afternoon!

I completely understand your love of cake stands. I have 3 milk glass ones (2 are almost identical, the other looks more like a short little pie stand) and a newer ceramic one. And I just used all 4 at my friend's baby shower. I think I want a little pink glass one now, and maybe a jadeite one. Where I'll keep them all, I have no idea. :)

Cate Subrosa said...

I'm jealous, I don't even have ONE cake stand.

(And my little sister still hasn't got engaged, damnit. Second wedding, ha ha.)

Inspired Vintage said...

Glad you enjoyed the fair and liked the cake stands - thanks so much for the mention!

Marie-Ève said...

Sounds like a perfect day,