Thursday, 7 July 2011

I'm off to my sister's wedding later today. Well, I'm off to help set up my sister's wedding before the actual festitivities take place on Saturday. It's been quite the week here and I don't think I stop again until I get back to work next Monday. I was up in the loft at midnight last night and up again at god knows what hour this morning finishing leaving cat feeding instructions for my cat feeding friend.

Things I packed into the car this morning included
.several large metal ice buckets
.car ribbon from our wedding that my parents would like to re-use
.multiple pairs of pink/nude heeled shoes (haven't yet tried shoes on with dress)
.every hair product that I own including my hair drier (my sister and I are doing our own hair plus the bride's)
.boxes and boxes of dried peony petals for confetti
.weekend bag full of assorted clean but no doubt weather inappropriate clothing
.unchecked makeup bag
.part of our wedding present

Things that I should have packed into the car but forgot included
.my camera (iphone snaps from here on in)
.any outfit to wear to the wedding after party (looks like I will be partying in townwhereIgrewup in grey floor length silk)
.any appropriate top to wear with jeans if we have July weather not November weather
.the other part of the wedding present, which may or may not have yet to be bought, wedding card etc
.clutch bag or decorative handbag for wedding. Yes, I will be attending with a big brown leather LK Bennett work handbag. It would have been perfect for stashing my after party clothes in, had I remembered to bring any

Things I learnt this morning, far too late
.even if the last time you wrote a list of things to take to a wedding was your own and you swore never to do it again, don't listen to yourself. Write a bloody list.
Photo from my archives, found in a wedding magazine whose name I forget.


Abigail said...

My best friend is getting married at the end of the month and I'm a bridesmaid, so I, too, am contemplating a list of things to take...

anna and the ring said...

As much as I convince myself I don't need lists. I need to convince myself I need lists. After all, I do enjoying ticking things off.

P.S. Have much fun. I truly hope for July weather as opposed to wretched November weather.

Cate Subrosa said...

Hahaha. I bet none of it mattered a jot, did it?