Monday, 18 July 2011

Just a Minute in... July

Reading... How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran. I have to admit, this is slow progress, mainly because I have been distracted by Vogue, Tatler and Country Homes & Interiors, all of which I subscribe to.

Watching... This depends on whether M is with me or not. We have watched Bright Young Things on TV, Harry Potter 7 part 2 at the cinema and quite a lot of golf, together. I have also been watching series 3 of Gossip Girl and the Apprentice. I may be a little in love with Chuck Bass. Also at the start of July we watched a lot of Wimbledon.

Listening... So far this month I have driven to my parents house (3 hours away) twice and to Taunton and back numerous times. I listen to spotify on my iphone and my album playlists have included Pantha Du Prince, Sigur Ros, The Doors and lots of 80s/90s indie and metal including Alice in Chains which is good for a bit of motorway driving. Also, the Shopaholic series on audiobooks.

Buying... Things in the sale. Lots of Cowshed products, a few bargain pieces of workwear (including silk Hoss shirts for £5 each), two pairs of Kate Middleton-esque work shoes (nude pumps and canvas slingbacks). If people are interested, I can post more of this.

Loving... My new Cowshed candles, walking on the beach, Delilah, family weddings, my new nephew, lunching with lovely ladies.

Wanting... Longer weekends with M, proper summer sunshine, to see more of my friends.

Just a minute - an occasional series of posts inspired by Talking to Unicorns (who was inspired by Daydream Lily). Just a Minute was started by August Street back in 2007.


Cate Subrosa said...

Cool idea, I'm not a big meme-lover but I like this. And yes, come on, you know we always want to see your shopping!

cara said...

Well who isn't in love with Chuck Bass? He's my fantasy husband (don't tell Nye.)

I like this post. xx

kacey said...

kinda wish chuck, blair and daroda were the only 3 characters in that show.

Anonymous said...

Who is the Caitlin Moran everyone (Cate!) is gushing about?
I must look her up. I recently gave up/cancelled my mag descriptions, does that mean I'm doing SOMETHING right???

Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings said...

@Cate - shopping post coming soon...

@Cara - mine too

@Kacey - maybe a spin off show?

@DTMS - It does. And Caitlin Moran is a columnist and writer who is extremely funny. Cate will tell you better. She SEEN her IRL :)