Monday, 25 July 2011

Snippets from a weekend

Boy: "Who'd have thought we go to Mulberry and I'd be the one to buy something. You can have the paper bag and bird on a ribbon if you like"

Girl: "You're too kind"


G: "B, where's the bird?"

{B, looking at untied ribbon hanging off his Mulberry carrier, perplexed}

B: "Dunno, I guess I must have lost it"

...the next day, going into the Lido...

G: "Did you really bring your swimming things to a *swimming pool* in a paper Mulberry bag?"

B: "ummm"

Top photos: Kilver Court Designer Emporium opening weekend
Bottom photos: Bristol Lido

iphone snaps by me

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Esme said...

I went to the Lido in Bristol this weekend too! Lovely restaurant...