Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Weekly

This week was hard. But got better, ending with a lovely weekend alone with my Husband and Delilah, sitting in front of the fire and doing basically eff all. This afternoon we went to collect some nappies from freecycle, before having a rather lovely pub lunch (marred only slightly by a bunch of posh tw*ts who had booked seating for 20 and turned up an hour late, rahhing at everything) and then a short walk in the fading afternoon sunshine to Tarr Steps before driving back over the moor listening to Pink Floyd.

As you can see from the photo above, my body shape is changing. I've managed to keep my baby bump fairly well hidden until recently, but this week, I've not been able to get my coat done up all the way, and judging from my increased rib discomfort and heartburn, things are only set to get more uncomfortable. Less than three calender months until my due date though, so in no time at all it won't be rib discomfort keeping me awake...

Tarr Steps by me using iPhone. Me, by Husband, also using iPhone.

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