Monday, 30 January 2012

The Weekly

On Monday, on the way to work, I saw the first lambs in the fields. I bought two bunches of daffodils for the house; they are faring as well and as brightly as the ones that have started flowering on the verges. Spring is here, on Exmoor, briefly at least. I fear that the snow forecast for the hills and moors this weekend might put a stop to Spring, at least for a while. But it can't stop the lengthening evenings, nor the fact that it was just about light when I left work at 5pm on Friday. After the long winter nights, the lengthening daylight brings hope, new beginnings. And, all being well, new babies. I washed my first load of baby suits this afternoon, stacked the tiny pile in the airing cupboard, ready, if needed, to be transferred to a hospital bag. Or, I hope, transferred to a new flat. The tiny mitts getting ready to house the tiny hands that are currently poking away at my rib cage. But not too soon; I'm working for another 4 weeks, and then there's another 5 weeks until full term. 5 weeks which I need, to unpack two years of county living back into a London flat and to organise ourselves. By which time, it should well and truly be spring, even in London. 

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