Friday, 17 August 2012

Just a minute ... in July

I'm a little late with this post (plus ca change) but never mind.

This month I have been...

Reading... Two whole novels. After reading one each day for the first two days of the holiday I decided that I'd better stop otherwise I'd never spend any time with M. I read One Day by David Nicholl which I really enjoyed whilst I read it but afterwards I didn't feel it stood the test of time. I certainly haven't thought about it again since and I've had to work hard to even remember what really happened. At the time though, I couldn't put it down. I also read Prue Leith's novel A Serving of Scandal which I found in a pile of books destined for the charity shop whilst visiting my parents. It was what reviewers in the daily mail would call a 'romp of a read' meaning that it was easy but ultimately unsatisfying rather than full of sex, but it kept me entertained for an afternoon on the beach. It was nice that the food element was accurate and I did enjoy it whilst I was reading it but it was nothing special.  

Watching... Not much really. A few pre-Olympic documentaries. The Opening Ceremony. July was a little light on decent viewing if my memory serves correctly.

Listening... The Olympics on the radio in our yurt. Classic drum and bass to get the baby to settle down in the car. Old CDs (Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, The White Stripes and so on). A real motley collection left over from the days when we lay around for hours on end smoking and listening to music. Or driving round New Zealand. 

Buying... Trying not to buy anything. Failing of course. Minimoo Danish organic cotton trousers for Pip. 

Loving... Wine. Seeing friends. Yurting.

Wanting... Time. Sleep. 

Just a minute - an occasional series of posts inspired by Talking to Unicorns (who was inspired by Daydream Lily). Just a Minute was started by August Street back in 2007.

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Robinjack said...

I like to read inspired stories and it is by Talking to Unicorns.wonderful Post.