Wednesday, 8 August 2012


We got back from Cornwall on Sunday and I'm in the process of sorting photos and so on. In the meantime, a funny story of how small the world is to share with you.

We visited Polruan which is a beautiful little working fishing village on the opposite side of the estuary to Fowey. We had a cup of tea in a little shop and then were wondering back through the village to the Headland Garden when we paused in the lane to attend to the baby. As we stood there, I admired the view, took a photo and then noticed the house we were stood in front of was called Goddards.

"how funny" I thought. That reminds me of Joanna Goddard (who writes A Cup of Jo) "maybe I should take a photo and send it to her. I'm sure she'd be tickled that a house in Cornwall is named after her". I took a quick photo and then we carried walking.
My brain however, started whirring. I'm sure Joanna had written about holidaying at her British grandmother's in Cornwall. When we got back to the car later, I had a look online, and realised I had in fact just taken a photo of Joanna's grannie's house.

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Anonymous said...

It truly is a small world.
Neat story.