Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Yurting at Botelet

Awaking to the sound of light rain on canvas, a kettle boiling and the water being poured into a metal teapot, staying toasty and snug under a goose feather duvet with the baby sleeping peacefully in a bear suit, whilst my husband passes me a cup of tea in a cornishware mug, has to be among my favourite things.

We had a wonderful stay at Botelet in the first week of August. It was peaceful and for the first time, just the three of us. Staying in a yurt is our compromise between camping and cottages; all the beauty and outdoors of camping but with the luxuries of a cottage.

I don't think I can recommend the yurts at Botelet more highly. This is the second time we have stayed there, the first being on our honeymoon in 2009. This time, as we had Pip with us (you can take a baby if the baby is not walking) we opted to stay in the Lower Yurt which is much nearer the farm and feels a little less isolated. It also had a couple of plug sockets which meant we could plug in out phones to charge and the monitor to ensure that we knew the temperature to keep Pip warm at night.

Clever positioning of the yurt door though, and the yurt itself being in the corner of a meadow looking over a field of cows means that you cannot see the farm from inside the yurt. There is simply a glorious Cornish view, which can be partly seen in the photos above.

The yurt is equipped with a log burner and as much wood as you can possibly need stacked underneath to keep it dry. It is lovely and cosy inside even for the baby. We cooked some wonderful meals, eating on deck chairs looking out towards the cows, listening to the Olympics on the radio. One night we had steak, another a simple tomato and broccoli pasta. M cooked what tasted like restaurant quality food using only the top of the wood burner and the one gas ring, helped by local produce.

One night was a full moon and the only night where the wind dropped completely. I don't know whether it was the full moon or just the sound carrying but we stood outside the door of the yurt, just listening, to owls, sheep baaing, the cows chewing their cud (and one in the field behind letting out the occasional bellow, which woke us up a couple of times later that night too). The moonlight illuminated the fields beautifully and it felt a really special moment.

Top 5 photos by Botelet; remaining photos by me

This is not a sponsored post of any kind, We booked and paid for our holiday.


Anonymous said...

Looks absolutely delightful.


cara said...

It looks like heaven.