Sunday, 2 September 2012

Equestrian: Paralympics London 2012

Pip and I had a wonderful time at the Paralympics last week, accompanied by our friend, Miss L. I won't deny that being at Greenwich when the gates opened at 8am required an unusually early start especially with the baby, who thought it was the best thing in the world that we got up at 5am.

The games makers were fantastic and made the day one of the best sporting events I've been to. They were friendly, helpful, enthusiastic and cheerful, despite the alternating poor weather and my yo-yo-ing to and from my seat every time Pip objected to being stuffed down the front of my waterproof when it was peeing down and quiet was required for the rider to compete.

The riders were amazing. There's no way I could even control a horse to make it step backwards three paces, let alone with paralysis or a missing limb. It was truly inspiring. The British rider that we saw, Natasha Baker, did a great ride and was in first place. The place went mad, waving British flags and cheering and it was lovely to see all the young children thrilled to be supporting TeamGB.

The only downside to the day was the catering, which was sadly staffed by rude and incompetent staff. A huge contrast to the volunteer games makers, they made the eating side of the day dreadful. I overheard one manager complaining bitterly about parents requesting hot chocolate for the children, because it was raining, and swore several times, before noting me and looking slightly ashamed of her outburst.

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