Monday, 3 September 2012

triathlon training (week 0)

Remember my upcoming triathlon? Well, my training has been put on hold for a couple of weeks because I had a mole removed from my upper thigh, resulting in a couple of stitches and instruction to do no running or swimming or other vigorous exercise that was comparable with going to the gym. The stitches came out today so later this week, my training will re-commence. And luckily for you, I might even write about it to hold myself accountable.

I haven't just done eff all this last two weeks though. I've started organising some kit. First and foremost, a proper sports bra was in order, not only because I am breastfeeding and therefore have no previous kit which fits. The kind people at Panache stepped up and have sent me an Olympic inspired sports bra to trial. I plan to wear it for my training and for the triathlon itself. When I've had chance to try it out, I'll report back as to whether it functions as impressively as it looks (hopefully it will protect me like the armour it appears to be). 

I've also lined up a bike, subject to collection from a friend, and bought a swimsuit. Nothing left to do now but get on with it...

Photo by Panache

Bra provided by Panache. Words and opinions my own.

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A said...

I have that bra! I love it.