Wednesday, 13 August 2008

10 Months

In 10 months it will be our wedding day. Eeeekk... And what a lot there is left to do...

1 month today is my 'save the date' deadline. i.e. I would like to have paid all my deposits and be able to send out cards to people.

2 months today is my 'hen party planning meeting' deadline. Quite how we are proposing to organise a hen party for 15-20 girls when it has taken 2 months already and we still cannot find a date when 3 of us can meet for a planning discussion.

4 months today is my 'details decided' deadline. By Christmas I would like to have a good idea of what people are wearing and who is doing what, when.

7-8 months today is when I would like all bridesmaids dresses to be ready. I would very much appreciate not to have to be finishing them the week before the wedding.

8 months today is my diy deadline. I do not want to be faffing trying to finish off diy projects. I am hoping the countdown to the wedding will be filled with relaxing drinks gatherings and pedicures, not stressing over bunting and napkin ribbons.

But for now, I am not worrying or thinking about the wedding. I am off on a sailing trip. Which given the current weather doesn't sound as fun as it should. Back at the end of August when I look forward to seeing Peonies wedding photos and hope that she has better luck with the weather up in Scotland and manages her dream of an outside wedding.

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