Sunday, 3 August 2008

Confessions of a Fiancee (Part Three)

The wedding season continues, as does the ability to look through photos of other people's weddings. Sadly however the Don't List grows ever longer and now includes:-

  • Despite my love of shoes and the fact that I never wear boring ones, it is my personal belief that the groom should wear simple well fitting dress shoes with his suit. Not flip flops, converse (however clean and new) or bowling shoes.
  • Wellies are acceptable only if there is a country walk from the church to the reception and it is actually peeing with rain.
  • Balloons, whilst appropriate table centrepieces at some parties (and I have used them myself before), look odd at a wedding reception. Especially when the theme is pale pink and white and both bride and bridesmaids are a little, ahem, balloon shaped themselves...
  • It is important to think of the aesthetics of the table after the plates have been cleared but during the evening reception. In addition to my vases of lavender and other wild flowers I also plan to have little jars with tea lights in them. Simple and beautiful but cost effective too. I think this looks better than enormous bows of iridescent purple plastic ribbon.



admingirl said...

Come on, fess up, who on earth are the bride and bridesmaids that look like balloons?!!!!!

Rachel said...

don't worry, no-one we went to school with. Someone I don't know actually but that a uni friend does (or was at least at their wedding).

more things for the don't list now include 'grooms should not wear white shiny waistcoats, especially if they are a little the way of a teddy'