Friday, 8 August 2008

Wedding Lists Update

How ironic: it was Liberty where we were hoping to have our wedding list. I had been trying to make an appointment with Jason, our personal consultant, for several weeks but to no avail. Finally, I looked up the wedding lists page on the website instead and discovered that the website had disappeared. Hhmm. That seemed odd. Alarm bells started ringing so I dug out the business card he sent me along with the information and rang him. No answer. Finally, after about 5 tries throughout the afternoon he deigned to answer the telephone.

And guess what? Liberty's wedding gift list was managed by Wrapit. Who are in administration. So no more Liberty gift lists. I enquired as to why (a) he had been ignoring my e-mails and (b) they had not thought to tell their customers. He could not provide an answer and rudely terminated the call. I was really disappointed.

Not because we cannot have Liberty presents, because that was not the idea of the list. Also, all my close friends know that Liberty is my favourite shop. It is because Liberty is my favourite shop that I was so disappointed. I didn't expect to be treated in such fashion by any of their staff. Now, I read the small print to the gift list brochure and I was still under the impression that the list was managed by Liberty. I was very surprised they had outsourced the list to such an unstable company. One of the reasons we thought Liberty might be a good bet was precisely because we thought they were such a heavy weight shop problems like this might be avoided...

In other news, on Peonies recommendation I went to MacCulloch and Wallis to get some netting to try out different veil ideas. I almost ordered the material online until I discovered that the actual shop was just down the road from my work, and they are open til 7pm on Thursdays, so I popped down last night and bought 2 different sorts of veil material, some clear combs, some lace ribbon and some emu feathers to experiment with some sort of birdcage veil. When I've managed to make it into something worth photographing I may even post a photo or two here.


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