Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Budget Worries

Although I am hoping to cut quite a few of the costs of the wedding by doing things myself, I am starting to worry about the spiralling costs of a one day celebration. We thought we had found the perfect budget-friendly option for the reception: hiring the back garden of a pub. Only when it came to it, it wouldn't have worked. So we have plumped for another venue but with this come extra costs: hiring the lawn, hiring the marquee to put on the lawn, the catering, the generator to power everything, the accommodation. Someone has to pay for all of this. The extra few hundred pounds everywhere are starting to add up. Although on the plus side the new venue is FAB.

I experimented with invitations earlier tonight. Although they do look good handwritten with 100ish guests to invite that is a lot of writing for me. I am investigating printing or having them printed in black ink and then using my blue ink and a nib dipped into it to personalise them myself. They won't all be identical but I guess no-one would know.

I also plan to make the bunting to decorate the marquee and the cake decorations. I will probably make my veil in whichever shape I decide to go for. My dress was from Oxfam and my shoes in the sale, still the projected budget seems to be over £10,000 which seems obscene for one day. I wonder what else we can cut out and do ourselves instead?


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tallulahbloom said...

It is so much money but with that many people it is very hard. I managed to come in under budget for nearly everything, we don't really have any of the extras but still I have to hide behind my hands for the total!