Monday, 16 February 2009

Going to the chapel (II)

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This is the view of the chapel from the altar steps looking back towards the entrance with the organ up at the top. After 4 visits out of term time when the chapel was closed, we finally visited on a day that it was open. And not just open, we went to a service. We listened to our Chaplain introduce the Bishop who led the service and we listened to a (much depleted) choir, whose voices soared up into the sunbeams stretching across the chapel, filling the entire building with a glorious sound.

The day before we went through the marriage service with the Chaplain and he explained the meaning behind the vows, which really brought home the reasons why we are choosing to get married and how after we are married everything will have changed, even if nothing really has. It was quite moving. He also approved our hymn choices and we met the Director of Chapel Music to discuss the options involving the organ and the choir.

We now need to finalise a few things and then we can get the orders of service approved and printed. And once that has happened I might be able to show them to you...

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Kristy said...

Oh, Rachel, how wonderful! I got chills just thinking about the choir singing in that space. European churches always sound so amazing.