Monday, 23 February 2009

My Boy writes: An Introduction

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"When I first met Rachel I wasn’t ready to fall in love. Now we
are seven years on and I can’t imagine it any other way. I still sometimes feel
like that single guy, happy keeping my own company but I now think
relationships free you not bind you.

Often the first night means nothing, for us it was crucial.
I was lazy and comfortable being so and Rachel was in denial, she was still
pretending that she wanted to be with her school sweetheart. That night changed
everything, we gently found our way together. We are still very much as we first
were, we still bear our own burdens we just lean on each other too.

I have been thinking about proposing to Rachel for 4 years,
I can pinpoint it actually, we were in her place in London Bridge and I envied
the life that her flatmates had. I thought marriage might solve that. Oddly I
wasn’t looking to fill a void, I just thought I should want to fill that void.
I’m actually incredibly self-sufficient but now less so every day,

I wanted to propose somewhere that meant something to us. It
had to be Cornwall on a beach. I’m not much for set pieces and wanted everything
to be as organic as possible and Perranporth enabled that perfectly. I picked a
load of perfect spots which Rachel unwittingly steered away from. We seemed to
spend all our time in the bar on the beach. I finally managed to corner her with
champagne and fish n chips and the obligatory newspaper to mark the day, The
Times tragically.

Proposing was incredibly pure and huge, much more than I
ever expected. I’m not usually short of words but I was then. She said yes and
we rung everyone!

We were pretty swift to get things moving, spring or summer
2009 seemed to fit and we started looking at venues. We had decided that we were
happy to part from convention and get hitched somewhere that meant something to
us. After much discussion, our old university town started to make lots of
sense. Suddenly it was right and we went with it. We found our venue and never
looked back.

Rach and I love a good party and we want to firmly imprint
ourselves on this one. It’s all in the detail and I will elaborate on each part
weekly from now on.
And so here we are, less than 4 months away. I can’t wait!"

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pierre l said...

What a lovely romantic post. I wish you both every happiness.