Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wedding Bands

My engagement ring
{Image from Duttsons Rocks}

I have posted this photograph before but it now time to make some decisions about our wedding bands. I have mentioned a little bit about my engagement ring which was designed by my Boy in conjunction with Neil Duttson of Duttson Rocks. Neil helped my Boy choose the stones that he wanted and they worked together on the setting. Neil then took my Boy to Hatton Gardens and a local craftsman made up the ring. So M paid Neil for the stones and the craftsman for his work.

We now have to decide about wedding bands. We propose to each have one and we are going to meet the craftsman in a couple of weeks to discuss the options. I know that my band has to be made from the same metal as the band of the engagement ring, so that they do not wear each other out sitting next to each other on my finger. M too will have a band of the same metal, much the same as mine, only thicker. We will also have to make sure that M's band works with the ring he wears on the little finger of his other hand, as he will not be removing it.

I am really excited about going to meet the man who made my engagement ring, which I love so much. I am also really pleased that we are getting rings made by the same person who will personally profit from his work, rather than paying vast sums to a chain shop or jeweller.

Once they are made we have to decide how to convey the rings to the ceremony. Shall the best man keep them in a box, or on a cushion?! We do not have any small people coming to our day so we have no flower girl or page boy to carry them. One of M's cousin's married recently and she had one of her bridesmaid's carry her dog with the rings tied to her collar. We have been telling people that Lily (M's parent's dog who is a collie/dalmation/something else cross and utterly adorable) will be released to pelt down the aisle with them for us...


London bride said...

I do so very much love your engagement ring.

London bride said...

Oh and definitely get the dog to carry the rings, how brilliant! Or what about tying them on a ribbon round the top of a wine bottle? Could that work, or would it be wierd... Hmmmm

Rachel said...

I would love Lily to carry the rings but M's mum is less keen - and I think she is probably right as it would be unfair on Lily I think, strange place and she would probably hide or bark or both.

I think we shall probably just leave them in their box as there is the least amount to worry about that way.

I love the ring too! The poor craftsman is going to be so sad to see how scratched it is now though!

Kristy said...

It really is gorgeous. And so cool that M was able to have it made the way he did - actually working with local craftsmen and all. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places, but it seems like that is so hard to find where I live.

Lizzy said...

I have become slightly obsessed with ring pillow recently, which is ridiculous as I don't have any small people at my wedding either. I think it's Marth Stewart...she has a lot to answer for when it comes to my strange wedding wants.