Friday, 27 February 2009

Our Wedding Vendors: Guest Book

At the reception we hope to have a table to keep our guests entertained if the weather is inclement (and let's face it, it is England in June, rain is highly likely*) and the drinks reception on arrival has to be held inside the marquee on the dance floor.

We are going to have a long table which at one end will hold the cake(s) (more on that later) and the other shall hold our guest book surrounded by a photo display, which I am hoping will include photos of M and I throughout our lives and also wedding photographs of our parents and grandparents and other family members. After all, it is a family celebration, a joining of two families, and I think important that they are all featured even if they can no longer be with us physically.

The guestbook was causing me some concern as I wanted something in which guests could write messages and we could stick our engagement cards and messages and our wedding cards. Yet in order to fit our ethos it needed to not be new. I also didn't want anything too saccharine or twee. And then, browsing on Etsy the other day, I came across a vintage 1970s wedding guest book which funnily enough sort of matches my baby book. There are places to write down all the wedding party details and then pages for the guests to sign and then a sort of photo album part as well. And yes, it is twee, but it is 1970s, so it is a bit kitsch, a bit retro, a bit of a tongue-in-cheek poke a little fun at twee guest books. So, it is, in theory, perfect. And being vintage, it already existed, yet being blank, we are able to use it. Now, just waiting for it to arrive and hoping it looks as good in reality as it translated in my mind from the photos!

{Image by Buttons'N Such}

*Highly likely rather than guaranteed as it is neither the Glastonbury weekend nor Wimbledon week...

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Krista said...

I like the book - definitely retro, kitsch and great! I also love your reasoning for picking it. You've inspired me to look fo a 'vintage' guest book now!