Monday, 9 November 2009

A date in fragments of the past,

20 years ago today the Berlin wall came down. I was 7. We were living in California, celebrating my sister's birthday. I don't remember much about the occasion save I was aware that *it was important*. At 7 my interests did not yet include world history and teaching at my American junior school seemed more preoccupied with teaching cursive and math. Discussion with my fellow classmates at recess involved, occasionally, Vietnam but never Europe. Even when President Bush had been elected and had flown over the school, we had spelt out Bush in the playing fields but again, no real discussion about the event beyond that it had happened.

25 years ago today I ceased to be an only child when my beautiful little sister was born.

35 years ago today my parents met a college bonfire night party in a meadow in the city of dreaming spires. Years later as a small girl I was looking through photograph albums in the sitting room and found an album that Dad had put together of his time at university and found photographs of my mother at 19, faded brown and sepia.

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Marie-Ève said...

Wow, very important date for your family. I didn't know you had lived in California as a child, how interesting...

Funny but today I posted on the same topic and our first paragraphs are sort of similar... :-)