Tuesday, 10 November 2009

dresses for engagement & other parties

The winter party season is nearly upon us. This week in Shikasuki we have started selling vintage decorations* and all manner of sparkly, sequined dresses, tops and accessories. Each day I am there I find a new favourite. I love this time of year. Just being in the shop cheers me up.

In just 3 weeks time it will be December. I think our party season kicks off with a birthday dinner on the 1st and then a glamorous cocktail engagement party on the 3rd. In my dreams I will wear this Lanvin Fall 09/10 nude ruffled dress (but with black tights and different shoes) which I fell in love with months ago.

In reality I propose to wear a vintage velvet high necked shift dress with a silver beaded embellished bib which looks like a large necklace with peeped toe black high heeled sequined shoes. This year has not been kind to me financially so it will be vintage not Lanvin for all occasions I feel.

{Image by Lanvin via Style.com}

* Please contact me if you would like details of the vintage decorations which are absolutely beautiful. I will try and do another post on them soon. (or come to the shop & see for yourself).


anna and the ring said...

Oh Lanvin! Although I feel vintage may always win over my heart!

P.S> Maybe I shall venture North this weekend!!

hatandfeathers said...

vintage for everything sounds lovely to me! maybe we'll pop in to the shop this weekend with the in-laws.

Baking Mad said...

That Lanvin dress is AMAZING! The new stuff in the shop sounds fab - I think I might try and pop in this weekend.

Peacock Feathers and Diamond Rings said...

Would love to see you all, I shall be there on Sunday,

Diamond Rings said...

What a great post and blog! I’ve enjoyed my time here!!!!