Sunday, 1 November 2009


Halloween costume

Further proof that phone snaps are not very good quality & that, no matter what I do to it, my hair will not keep a curl. Am trying hard to edit the original photo with my limited (free) software. As it was a poor image to start with this is about the best I could manage.

People had made such effort with costumes for Count Dracula & His Bride-to-Be Amy that it was hard to tell who was who and which people I already knew. Such was the amount of fake blood swilling round the party someone really could have bled to death without anyone realising. Witches, vampires, pirates, cats, masked men, a pair of bacon & eggs and 'Derren Brown' all vied for space in a spider filled back garden & the devil and a dictator were found talking and smoking outside the front door -with the party was still in full swing - when Husband walked me home at 2.30am (I was 'working' in the shop in the morning).

Dress: Vintage 1980s velvet & DeVore ruffled prom dress from Shikasuki
Look: Inspired by Heathers
Image: Taken by Husband


Marie-Ève said...

You look incredible, with the curly hair and all! Hope you had loads of fun.

hatandfeathers said...

your costume is rocktastic and you looked smoking! what an amazing excuse to wear a kicking 80's number.

Wellies and Vogue said...

my hair will never hold a curl either! it's looks like a very glamorous halloween costume! loving the belt - and the bunting in the background!

Rachel said...


The belt & dress are both from the vintage shop where I work. Though the belt was a serious purchase...

And the bunting is our wedding bunting which I put up in the sitting room for a party but loved so much we haven't taken it down.